My name is Sirtaj Singh Kang and this is my website.


Contact me at sirtaj at sirtaj.net. My GPG public key ID is 1E70C3B6 with fingerprint 1F0B 9E52 538F E79D 2915 0E96 F892 17EB 1E70 C3B6.

Bug reports and suggestions for various KDE projects can be reported on bugs.kde.org. General questions relating to getting and using KDE are often better asked on one of the KDE mailing lists. I will strive to answer all messages sent to me at taj@kde.org, but I will not do your homework.


I write software for fun and profit. I have a keen interest in technology, science, reason and their place in the scheme of things. Computer programming is an accessible way to apply theory and abstraction to useful practice, so the fit with my personality is quite good.


My current technical interests include software design and development tools, generative programming, business process automation (workflow) systems, and domain-specific visual languages.


I apply and contribute to free software. The sound engineering, flexibility and price lends itself well to the type of work I do. In particular, the GNU/Linux platform provides an unmatched level of task-specific malleability across the entire range of computing applications. And all this without users giving up their rights.


I will read any damn thing. I opine at length with great enthusiasm. Beer is also good. Relentless and unmotivated irony is my signature. Electronic distortion shall cure your ills. Outdoors is better than indoors, but outdoors is rarely hack-friendly. Being passionate is cool. When I grow up, I want to be a renaissance man. I am always pleased to meet you.


Linux, KDE, Python, Perl, Vim, Apache and Pyblosxom are some of the tools used to create and maintain this site.


Thanks to my brother Giriraj and my sweetheart Nicole for their keen taste and critical eye while I was putting together this site.