makekdedoc -- Generates HTML documentation for KDE libraries using B<KDOC>.


makekdedoc -- Generates HTML documentation for KDE libraries using KDOC.


        makekdedoc [--rule-file=<rulefile>] [--libdir=<libdir>]
                [--outputdir=<outputdir>] [--url=<url>]
                [--srcdir=<kdelibs src dir>]
                [--kdoc=<path to kdoc>] [<library>...]
        makekdedoc --help


This is a perl script that uses KDOC to generate documentation for kdelibs. A ``rule'' file is used to figure out the libraries to document, the order in which to document them and the libraries with which each one will be cross-referenced (eg kdeui uses -lkdecore). See FILES for more info.

NOTE: The script assumes that you have already generated a Qt cross-reference using qt2kdoc[1].


Defaults for each option are in square brackets.

Specify the libraries to document. By default, all libraries defined by the rule file are documented.

--outputdir <path>, -d <path>
The directory where the output will be written. [`cwd`/srcdoc]

--url <url>, -u <url>
The base URL by which the generated docs will be accessed. For example, if your web server is configured to use $HOME/public_html for your home page, you could set the outputdir to $HOME/public_html/srcdoc and the url to http://myhost/~mylogin/srcdoc. [output dir]

--rule-file <path>, -r <path>
The path to the rule file to use for generating the documentation. [<srcdir>/kdoc.rules]

--libdir <path>, -L <path>
The directory in which the KDOC cross-reference files are stored. [$KDOCLIBS if set, otherwise $HOME/.kdoc]

--kdoc <path>, -k <path>
The path to the kdoc program. [kdoc]

--kdocopt <options>, -p <options>
Extra options to be passed to kdoc.

--srcdir <path>, -b <path>
The path to the kdelibs source, eg ``$HOME/baseline/kdelibs''. [`cwd`]

--help, -h
Quit with a usage message.


        makekdedoc --srcdir $HOME/baseline/kdelibs 
                --outputdir $HOME/public_html/src/kdelibs/
                --url "";


Rule file
This file lists the directories in the source directory to document. It also lists the files to document from each directory, and the libraries with which to cross-reference the generated documentation. Here is a small example that documents two libraries and links the second to the first.
        # makekdedoc rule file
        doc_MODULES = eenie meenie
        # rules for eenie
        eenie_FILES = *.h
        eenie_LIBS = -lqt
        # rules for meenie
        meenie_FILES = a.h b.h
        meenie_LIBS = -leenie -lqt

In this example, all files in eenie/*.h will be documented then two files from meenie/ will be documented, in the order declared in doc_MODULES.


See kdoc[1] and qt2kdoc[1].


        makekdedoc $Revision: 1.2 $


The script and this documentation were written by Sirtaj Singh Kang <> in April 1999.

 makekdedoc -- Generates HTML documentation for KDE libraries using B<KDOC>.